Issue #2

F O U R W I N D S_2

^Click the PDF above to download Issue #2 of Four Winds Literary Magazine!

Letter from the Editors:

After many months of assembling the most choice artwork, photography, poetry, and prose from all corners of the United States, we are proud to present the second issue of Four Winds Literary Magazine. This collaborative work was made possible by the many stunning, generous artists who blessed us with the free gift of their art. From Adrian C. Louis’s “Elegy for a Forgotten Oldsmobile,” to the remarkable, layered NDN photography of Erv Schleufer, to the elegiac writing of Randy Staples, Kim Shuck, and Lois Red Elk, we believe this edition will shine a new light on Indigenous art and writing – a light that is devastating in its power, hope, and redemption.

Hiyu Masi,

Jordan, Tiffany, Misty, and Keven


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