Four Winds Literary Magazine began as in idea in July 2014, when Misty Ellingburg and Keven Shipman realized that no literary journal existed in the continental United States with 100% Native staff and contriutors. The need for such a journal was evident. A wealth of Indigenous art exists to be showcased; it’s good medicine for our Elders, and provides strength to our youth. Slowly, they built the magazine, Jordan Clapper coming on as Fiction Editor and Administrator in August 2014. Since then, we have interviewed touchpoint Indigenous authors such as Adrian C. Louis, and have showcased the stunning work of Erv Schleufer, Trevino Brings Plenty, McMahon Photography, and more.

Now, we’d like your help to reach our next goal: becoming a non-profit. By doing this, we will be able to make print copies of the journal. We will be able to give free copies to Elders as requested from any Tribe. We will build up our youth, and pay homage to the ones who came before us and showed us a good path to walk. Becoming a non-profit will allow the editors to dedicate more time to the journal; it will let us network at events such as AWP, but most importantly, it will contribute to a beautiful journal being created with the sole purpose of highlighting the many inter-tribal voices of North America.


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