Four Winds Issue #1 Is Available Now!


Dear Reader –

We are happy you’re with us at Four Winds, the first literary magazine featuring all-Native American staff & content creators. Four Winds was created so that Tribal artists would have a strong online & print presence, and be able to network with one another and enjoy each other’s art while reaching out to a broader audience.

We are so blessed to have with us Dr. Carol A. Hand providing an unexpected Ojibwe perspective on Spirit Visions and dreams. Ms. Anita Endrezze’s poetry, collages, and paintings can be found in these pages, as well as the popular nature photography of Gregory & Brittany McMahon, and the powwow photography of Erv Schleufer.

Be blessed by the traditional Gourd People and the modern take on the Medicine Wheel painted by Raymond Leyva, and let Kim Shuck’s poetry and beadwork transport you. Earl Cooper’s poems have a modern taoist ring, and Lory Shipman-Ellingburg’s drum painting encompasses the old and the new with her realistic and totem-style wolves. Finally, the watercolors of Melanie Abenaki will impress themselves on your soul, and in our first edition of Four Winds, the Hope edition, we know you will be uplifted and refreshed.

There is good medicine in these pages. Our hope is that you and your families will be blessed by them.

Hiyu Masi (Many Thanks)

Misty Lynn Ellingburg



3 thoughts on “Four Winds Issue #1 Is Available Now!

  1. Randy says:

    I love the monicker…There is good medicine in these pages. You can only find peace within, through peace of mind, and I’m already getting that here.

    Good luck


  2. erv schleufer says:

    i think this is a great way to share whats going on – i started out shooting the julyamsh 2013 pw in infared last summer just a experiment and now just over a year later i have over 16,000 pw pictures available for free to the indian people. my friends list has grown from just a few people i knew to now nearly 350 from all over the US and Canada. for me its a great hobby and learning experience but also it turned out to be a great positive social event. and for the people it has been a free recourse for unique pictures of friends and family and sort of archive of the culture. i have done google searches and just cannot find anyone else doing infared pw pictures. they might be out there. i started shooting infared june of 2013 and my total collection has grown to over 20,000 and i am still learning how to work those pictures. i can never tell what they are going to look like from day to day and that adds to the challenge. the more i learn means i can go back to the beginning and redo all of my previous work and get totally new effects. i have been encouraging people to download these pictures and lightroom to see what they can come up with.


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